Home News Airlines Airlift 54.1million Kilograms Of Cargo In Six Months In Nigeria
Airlines Airlift 54.1million Kilograms Of Cargo In Six Months In Nigeria

Airlines Airlift 54.1million Kilograms Of Cargo In Six Months In Nigeria


 Investigation has revealed that both local and foreign carriers operating into the Nigeria ferried a total of 54,186,116.62 kilograms of cargo in and out of the country through major airports between July and December 2017.

But, like in the past, foreign airlines dominated the subsector within the year under review.

Also, Ethiopian Airlines, which ferried highest number of air travellers out of Nigeria in 2017 with 416,229, also led the packs with over 16 million kilograms of cargo while Arik Air and Med-View Airline, the two Nigerian carriers on the list jointly airlifted just 415,361.37 kilograms of cargo within the period under review.

A document obtained from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) indicated that 37 airlines were involved in the airlifting of the 54.1 million kilograms of cargo within the period.

The monthly breakdown revealed that in July, the total volume of cargo ferried in and outside the country was 9,740,294.16, August stood at 9,161,860.87 while September was 8,673,194.50.

Others were October; 8,318,605.97, November; 9,586,766.65 and December was 8,705.394.47. The statistics showed that July had the highest volume of cargo transported in and outside the country in the last six months of the year.

Besides, the statistics revealed that 11 of the airlines had staggered cargo operations within the period as some of them did not airlift any kilogram of cargo in between the months

Further breakdown indicated that Air Cote D’Ivoire had 25,258 kilogram of cargo in July; 526kg in September, 871kg in October and 200kg of cargo in December. Air Cote D’Ivoire didn’t ferry cargo in August and November of the year.

Air France in July ferried 314,868.06kg of cargo in July, 270,420kg in August, 588,547kg in September, 271,388kg in October, 390,059kg in November while the carrier transported 546,012kg of cargo in December of the year.

Allied Air had a record of 431,104kg (July), 233,023kg (August), 276,943kg (September), 641,682kg (October), 2,272,025kg (November) and 546,012kg in December of that year.

Arik Air on its part airlifted 35,051.91kg of cargo in July, 133,970kg (August), 15,899kg (September), 29,203kg (October), 30,968kg (November) and 39,448kg of cargo in December.

Asky Airline with its head office in Lome, Togo, had 5,383kg (July), 14,685kg (August), 12,520kg (September), 14,225kg (October) and 32,211kg of cargo in November while it had zero volume of cargo in December 2017.

Astra Airline only ferried 3,016kg of cargo in July, 2017 without further carriage within the period while Base Aviation had a record of cargo carriage only in December 2017 with 175,205kg.

The leading United Kingdom carrier, British Airways had 318,117kg (July), 471,242kg (August), 416,112 (September), 558,916kg (October), 212,397kg (November) and 234,665kg in the last month of the year.

Besides, Cargolux had 380,102.43kg in July, 267,472.57kg (August), 246,246.92kg (September), 554,003.10kg (October), 422,150.44kg (November) and 439,366 in December. Cronos Air had 4,150kg in July, 5,065kg (August), 212kg (September), 264kg (October), 349kg (November) and 463kg in December 2017.

DHL Cargo ferried 167,998kg (July), 145,212kg (August), 205,234kg (September), 192,791.51 (October), 132,260.62kg (November) and 227,718.72 in December. The sole American carrier operating into Nigeria, Delta Air Lines airlifted 44,055kg of cargo in July, 41,280kg (August), 38,136kg (September), 36,880kg (October), 50,827kg (November) and 38,876kg in December.

Also, Egypt Air had 70,470kg in July, 72,551kg (August), 45,839.50kg (September), 22,496kg (October), 12,419 (November) and 23,984kg in December. Emirates Airlines had 627,584kg in July, 748,370kg (August), 507,656kg (September), 565,309kg (October), 735,197kg (November) and 676,663kg (December).

The carrier with the highest volume of cargo within the period, Ethiopian Airlines carried 3,028,929kg in July, 2,703,566kg (August), 3,126,436.38kg (September), 2,025,136.74kg (October), 2,251,368.89kg (November) and 3,111,306.83kg in December.

More so, another United Arab Emirates carrier on the list, Etihad Airways carried 342,047kg of cargo in July, 622,218kg (August), 536,688kg (September), 576,240kg (October), 222,149kg (November) and 261,725kg in December of that year.

Kenya Airways had 27,269kg of cargo in July, 39,427kg (August), 59,748kg (September), 93,881kg (October), 116,243kg (November) and 154,934kg in December. For KLM, it airlifted 238,782kg in July, 261,467kg (August), 247,856kg (September), 267,765kg (October), 264,452kg (November) and 298,560kg in December.

Lufthansa had 458,397kg in July, 725,926kg (August), 330,803kg (September), 445,055kg (October), 380,639kg (November) and 355,451kg in December 2017. Middle East Airline had 15,461kg in July, 16,176kg (August), 11,556kg (September), 8,448kg (October), 30,413kg (November) and 32,396kg in December.

Med-View Airline only ferried cargo in two months of the last six months in 2017; July and October. The report indicated that for July, the Nigerian carrier airlifted 67,707.96kg and 63,114kg of cargo respectively.

Other airlines that appeared in the document included Meridiana, Merchant (Etha), Merchant (Cargo), Premier, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Rwand Air, South African Airways, Saudi Arabia Airline, Skypower, Sudan Air, Transfer Airline, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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