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Nigeria’s economy supports technological revolution

Nigeria’s economy supports technological revolution


Nigeria’s economy is ready and ripe for technological revolution that could make an appreciable impact in the world despite its inherent challenges, Deremi Atanda, Executive Director, SystemSpecs Limited has said.

He spoke yesterday at the sideline of the Nigerian-Germany Chamber of Commerce Business Forum in Lagos, where he also said there are prospects for start-up technology companies to add value to the nation’s economy and take their wares outside the shores of Nigeria.

He said the development was buttressed by the current growth partner of the start -up of the technology companies in the country.

He added: “The power to solve  our economic problems are with us through creating  new thinking in technology and leveraging on opportunities therein  which will facilitate access  to  market beyond the shores of the country”

He advocated the need for the Federal Government to consider policy direction and framework with a view to implementing same vigorously in line with the mandate of the National Information Technology Agency(NITDA).

He also called on the private sector and the academia to consider collaborating with the Federal government on ways to deepen technology inclusion in Nigeria and how to use same to earn revenue for the country.

In his submission at the panel session, Atanda said technology offers Nigeria smarter and cheaper ways to resolve the challenges which may prove insurmountable with ordinary effort.

He also said there was need to deepen technological penetration into the nation’s health sector in order ensure accessibility of more Nigerians to cheaper and technologically -induced medicare in the country.

He said his company through its Remita software applications has shown the beauty and strength of indigenous technology which has stood the test of time in global space

He told the audience that Remita would continue to churn out more applications that would guaranteed them easy and cheap access to technological applications for their domestic and business uses.



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