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We will continue to leverage on technology to create employment, improve quality of life

We will continue to leverage on technology to create employment, improve quality of life


In this exclusive interview, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an innovative company, the KariXchange, Eucharia Amanambu, explains the idea of setting up the company and monumental achievements it has recorded with a short period of time. She spoke passionately on the development of Artificial Intelligence bot which earned the company an award, with the Editor-in-Chief of Chamber Telegraph, LUBEM GENA.


Briefly tell me about KariXchange.

KariXchange is an innovative software start up situated in Lagos. Our focus is on building platforms that will focus on user empowerment leveraging on innovative technologies.

What informed the decision to set up this company?

My Love for technology and the way it has changed the world, the way it is changing the world and how our future will be immensely impacted by it. That is my driving force.

Since establishment of KariXchange, what would you say is the general operating environment so far as the ICT sector is concerned?

A lot is being done in this space. A lot of youths are becoming bolder and to a large extent supportive forums, hubs, organizations and even government are working to boost the application of IT to everyday life.

Who are the mentors of your organization and how has that impacted on your organization? Do you belong to any particular skill group or a chamber of commerce? If so how impactful have they been on your company?

First I have a mentor, who is also a mentor to a lot of people in technology around the globe and that is Steve Jobs. His stance on Technology and Art being one is one of the reasons we started KariXchange.

Importantly, we have one of our board members, Prof. Adesoji Adesugba, a Technology Enthusiast and who has and is inspiring us to reach greater heights. His passion for Technology is highly infectious and he always raises team spirit and momentum.

What would you say has been the major track record of achievement and where has it taken your organization to?

We are a new company and I am very excited about the creation of our Artificial Intelligence Bot. We have a great team that is dedicated to making the bot smarter and more applicable. For me sourcing and building the right team is a first major achievement. To get people to align to your vision and purpose is not to be taken lightly.

You have developed an Artificial Intelligence bot. What problem is it meant to solve?

Nyra is the first of our creation. She will be applied through out most of our services. She is to create employment, and also make managing home utilities easier for users. This service will be launched in two months.

In the near future, we will be hugely leveraging on AI an Internet of things to create employment and improve quality of life.

How has the public received this monumental stride?

Well, we just launched. We are taking our work, our passion, our creativity to the world. We are seeing some momentum and we are certain it will build up.

Will you be unveiling more of such innovative products in the near future?

Of course! That’s what technology and living is all about.

In the next 10 years or so, where do you think KariXchange would be?

We will be a leading Robotics company leveraging on AI and IoT to make the quality of life a lot better.

What would you want the public to do so far as your organization is concerned?

Be a part of us, be a part of our successes and our impressive journey.
We are building a company, a legacy that will not only make the country proud but the world as well.


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