Home Business Planned subscription rates’ increment condemned by DStv Subscribers
Planned subscription rates’ increment condemned by DStv Subscribers

Planned subscription rates’ increment condemned by DStv Subscribers


Multichoice announcement on Monday to increase its subscription rates for DStv packages from August 1, wish as left many Nigerians worried.

The company which recently announced the proposed increment said that its rate for the Dstv Premium package would be from N14, 700 to N15; 800; the Compact Plus would be increased to N10, 650 from N9, 900.

It added that the Compact package would be from N6,300 to N6,800; Family package would be increased from N3,800 to N4,000, and Access package would be from would be from N1,900 to N2,000.

It, however, said that each of its subscribers on Gotv Max package would begin to pay N3,200 instead of the previous N3,800.

It added that each of its subscribers on Gotv Plus, Gotv Value and Gotv Lite subscribers would be paying N1,900, N1,250 and N400, respectively, on monthly basis.

Some Nigerians condemned the proposed new rates in their posts on their social media platforms.

They said that it would amount to ripping them off of their hard earned money as well as wondered what was responsible for the sudden increase.

Twitter name Mazi Ubadire said, “I just saw a message on my DStv explorer about an upgrade of subscription from high to higher.

“What is the rationale behind this increment of subscription fees on DStv, the company needs to explain, “he tweeted.

“These DStv guys are not ready to do business. After showing the same programmes repeatedly till the subscriber gets tired, they are increasing their subscriptions,” Akinlade tweeted.

Abiodun Bukola said, “DStv has increased the price for premium again. These guys are bold.

“The question we must ask DStv is how come they cannot change their subscriptions to Pay as you use?

“If not for the football channels my husband watches, I would have thrown that decoder in the bin, “she said.

Olamipekun Adeshina tweets, “DStv has increased their subscription again, why are these people ripping us off like this and more importantly, why are we quiet? This madness has to stop.

“I just received a message from DStv about decreasing my channels by 15.8 (%) per cent. Is it with the new tariff or the old tariff? I don’t understand them.

“Is this how DStv will be reaping us up in our own country? Is this obtainable in other countries where they exist? What happens to our consumer rights?”

However, Multichoice in its messages to its subscribers said all changes in the amount of their brochure will be effective starting from 1 Aug., 2018.






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