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Abuja Angel Investors Network On Strategic Visit To Startup Arewa Hub

Abuja Angel Investors Network On Strategic Visit To Startup Arewa Hub

Today, Startup Arewa, played host members of the Abuja Angel Investors Network who were at the Hub for strategic partnership.

The purpose of the visit, was aimed at introducing businesses and startups within the Startup Arewa ecosystem to the investors, and establish a relationship for future collaborations in investment, mentorship and advisory roles.

Abuja Angel Investors Network

The Abuja Angel Investors Network (ABAN) team was led by the Lead Coordinator of the Abuja Technology village and Team Lead of the ABAN, Hauwa Yabani, which was set up six (6) months ago.

Startups had the opportunity of pitching their ideas to the panel and enjoyed a roundtable discussion to deeply connect with members of the ABAN hub, gaining valuable feedback to take back to their businesses for improvements and expansion.

Speaking on the visit, the President and Founder of Startup Arewa, Mohammad Ibrahim Jega, said, “It was really a room sparked up with ideas and intellectual conversations, and the ABAN team where deeply intrigued with the ideas and innovations by the founders of these startups and commended the leadership of the Startup Arewa Hub for providing these startups a platform to thrive”.

He however explained that the visit wasn’t limited to technology-driven startups, but covers businesses operating outside the scope of technology.

Startups within the Startup Arewa ecosystem whom were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas were:

Abuja Angel Investors Network; during the pitch.

“This visit has birthed a new movement amongst startups in the north, and also strategic collaborations as an MOU was signed to foster partnerships between Startup Arewa and the Abuja angel Investors Network”, Founder of Startup Arewa, Jega added.







Source: Techeconomy



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