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Mobile Marketing For Nigerian SMEs

Mobile Marketing For Nigerian SMEs


Today, a world of mobile opportunity awaits for smart SMEs who are willing and able to get behind the mobile revolution and put a strategy in place. And it doesn’t have to require a huge commitment in terms of time or budget.

Companies of all sizes traditionally devote much of their efforts to outbound marketing activities – pushing out messages and offers to prospects and customers through a variety of channels, including mobile of course.

However, mobile has a critical role to play in so-called inbound marketing – the art of creating pull from customers and prospects to build relationships and generate leads.

Just one example is the simple flash call – where a prospect is given a specific mobile number to use to express interest in a product; or pledge to a particular cause; enter a contest; vote for something they love or provide feedback on a company.

The consumer’s call is not answered so no calling charge is incurred. Instead your company grabs the caller’s number so that they can be either called back or provided with more information via text.

Getting a flash call campaign up-and-running couldn’t be easier. You simply buy a batch of mobile phone numbers (either long or short) and advertise them on printed materials such as billboards, posters, brochures, flyers, and even invoices.

Best of all, the success of a flash call campaign can be easily measured by simply tracing the calls made to the mobile numbers you’ve purchased.

In fact all examples such as Flash Calling, SMS Tagging and outbound dialling – are extremely easy to conduct using a CPaaS system.

The infrastructure is established and ready to use, along with the necessary relationships – for example with all the Nigerian and West Africa’s operators. It’s a genuine plug-and-play solution.

Taking the first steps to success…

There has never been a better time for Nigerian SMEs to benefit from mobile marketing technology. Campaigns are now very easy to deploy, manage, monitor and measure.

As the industry evolves, companies like Kirusa are now enabling smaller organisations to conduct successful mobile marketing campaigns using the CPaaS and so avoiding the need for a huge capital investment.

Kirusa has been active in Nigeria and West Africa for 6+ years and is known for the high-quality voice over data services that it provides for Mobile Network Operators.

The company has used its R&D team and existing expertise to develop Kirusa Konnect – a family of voice and message-based tools that organisations of all sizes can use to create unique and meaningful mobile communications campaigns for their target audiences.

For more information, to arrange a free trial or to receive a demo visit https://konnect.kirusa.com/


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