Home Business FADAMA contributes over 3m tonnes of crops to NFB
FADAMA contributes over 3m tonnes of crops to NFB

FADAMA contributes over 3m tonnes of crops to NFB

The FADAMA III Additional Financing (AF) has contributed a total of 3.69 million metric tons of crops to the National food Basket.
The coordinator, Tayo Adewumi made this known in Abuja at the FADAMA Special Award in recognition of committed, distinguished stakeholders and staff, who have invested in the project.
In his keynote address, Adewumi said that FADAMA interventions in Nigeria had become an international success story and gradually growing into a strong movement for economic development in the country.
According to him “The enduring institutional structural framework of the project and the strength of capacity building in the FADAMA system stand very tall among all programmes of poverty alleviation and economic recovery in Africa.”
“The initiative has not only brought great relief to many farmers in Nigeria, who has now smiling home with high income, but has made significant contributions to the country’s GDP.” He added.
On his part, FADAMA Task Team Leader for the World Bank, Dr. Adetunji Oredipe, commended the FADAMA team for achieving the feat.
He stressed that FADAMA would continue to develop Nigeria’s economic objectives and policies in terms of Gross Domestic Product, food security, rural development and employment.


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