Home News Rudman Identifies Obstacles to Digital Transformation In Nigeria
Rudman Identifies Obstacles to Digital Transformation In Nigeria

Rudman Identifies Obstacles to Digital Transformation In Nigeria


Speaking as the chairman of the occasion, 2018 eWorld Forum, with the theme ‘Nigeria’s Readiness for Digital Transformation’, held in Lagos recently, Mr. Rudman, identified high taxes, lack of power supply, inconsistent policies by government, high interest rates, prohibitive prices for internet access among others, as inhibitive to entrepreneurship and innovation and cause delays to digital transformation in the country.

The eWorld Forum which started in 2009 has helped the Nigerian ICT industry to chart the direction of discuss and form policies.

According to the chief executive of Ajomedia Limited, publishers of eWorld Magazine, Aaron Ukodie, the more prepared or ready an organization or a nation is, the more likely it will achieve its desired outcomes.

Hence the choice of this year’s theme.

To this end, Mr. Rudman said governments all over the world are rapidly realizing the multiplier effect of digital transformation to all facets of economic and social developments, hence embracing digital transformation as they abandon analog operating models in favor of digital systems.

Need to harness the power of digital technologies

The Chairman said, “New technologies are shaping the way consumers interact with their ecosystems and is inadvertently changing consumers’ expectations of organizations, including that of the government, as we move towards a more digital world. Government needs to look beyond the digitization of existing processes and services.

“They need to harness the power of digital technologies and data to transform their existing business models in order to meet the increasing appetite and expectations of the rising digital consumer, by adopting new technologies in the way business is conducted.

“Digital transformation is a central and increasingly strategic theme among Public Sectors across the world, with ever-increasing citizen’s expectation around delivering greater efficiency, offering better services to the public and exploiting a greater range of modern technologies”.

What research reports are saying:

In reference to Deloitte global survey in 2015 on digital transformation, with more than 1,200 government officials from over 70 countries, Mr. Rudman said, they overwhelmingly reported that digital technologies are having a major impact on government.

Another key finding of the global survey that stands out is that governments are at very different stages of the digital transformation journey. Which are categorized into three, namely Early, Developing and Maturing.

The global digital maturity distribution shows that 26% of countries are at the Early stages, while 60% are at Developing stage and 13% reaching Maturing stage.

Areas calling for government’s interest:

“Government’s Digital Transformation examines digital technology’s ability to fundamentally transform the way the public sector operates and deliver services to customers and offers strategies for government leaders to accelerate the rate of their progress. In order to accelerate digital transformation, Deloitte recommends public leaders focus on five major areas: 1. Developing a clear digital strategy 2. User-centricity 3. Culture 4. Workforce Skills 5. Procurement

“The importance of a clear strategy is undeniable. Government organizations can benefit from a roadmap that addresses the key elements of digital transformation. Digital transformation is a global trend that many countries have adopted to drive their economies.

“The benefits of embracing digital transformation by private organizations and government institutions are numerous.

“There have been reports of improved efficiency, transparency, accountability and increased revenues by government and organizations actively playing in this field. Digital technology is evolving and shaping the way businesses are done and decisions made”, he said.


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