Home Business Microsoft Introduces Azure Stack for the Nigerian Market
Microsoft Introduces Azure Stack for the Nigerian Market

Microsoft Introduces Azure Stack for the Nigerian Market


The launch will be taking place in partnership with, and go to market through Huawei, HPE, Dell and Cisco.

“We hope to, through this collaboration with our partners, provide customers from all sectors with more choice as they continue to move digitally forward, building and developing successful hybrid cloud environments,” says the Business Group Director, Middle East and Africa- Multi Country Cluster at Microsoft, Wale Olokodana.

The solution, which has also been made available in other select African markets such as Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, will give local businesses not only control, but also flexibility, and cost savings – all through deploying hybrid technology for cloud architecture and scenarios.

Speaking of the launch Chinedu Eze, Hybrid Technical Consultant at HPE expressed great excitement around Azure Stacks availability to businesses in the country.

“We are thrilled to be a part of such an innovative journey with a globally recognised brand. Available through our channels partner ecosystem, the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack offers customers maximum performance, unmatched security, increased admin efficiency and a simple pay as you consume model for Azure services on-premises to meet regulatory requirements, run high performance analytics, big data and low-latency applications, and support edge and disconnected applications. The product will certainly not only allow our clientele to scale, but also to further accelerate their digital transformation journey,” he said.

The solution – which is an extension of Microsofts’ Azure offering, brings with it the potential for many benefits, all of which include the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments.

“The solution which also supports open source tools and technologies allows you to deliver cloud services from your organization’s data centre, while balancing the right amount of flexibility and control for truly consistent hybrid cloud deployments,” says Wale Olokodana.

Furthermore, businesses will also be able to speed up progress through the availability of a consistent environment, which allows them to maximize productivity by empowering developers to build and deploy applications in the same way – whether utilizing Azure or Azure Stack. Of course, the benefits to the public sector in Nigeria are endless as well.

“The possibility of using cloud technology from our company, the Leading ICT Company in the world in collaboration with Microsoft allows easy integration with other existing solutions thereby helping our customers innovate, scale their businesses and save cost through our esteemed Channel partners Ecosystem. This is particularly crucial for government, oil and gas, financial and other relevant industries,” says Mr. Ken Zhaowenjun at Huawei.

“We look forward to the innovation Azure Stack will unleash in Nigeria – we are certain that working though our partner ecosystem we will be successful,” concludes Wale Olokodana.


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