Home Business Stakeholders Push For Modern Agric Technologies at the just concluded Agric Social Media Week
Stakeholders Push For Modern Agric Technologies at the just concluded Agric Social Media Week

Stakeholders Push For Modern Agric Technologies at the just concluded Agric Social Media Week


Stakeholders in the agricultural sector at the just concluded Agric Social Media Week organised by Corporate Farmers International and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), have affirmed that farmers need to deploy enhancing technology in various aspects of farm works to improve quality of seeds, quality and quantity of yields.

They expressed optimism that the deployment of modern technologies in agriculture would boost the sector and drive economic growth.

Wole Ogunlade, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Probity Farms, advocated that to improve the quality of seeds and yields per hectare technology must be applied.

He said agriculture has changed from hoes and cutlasses into the use of modern technologies to make a better outlook for agriculture development.

Ogunlade said agriculture used to be complex for financial institutions to take the risk of supporting equipment financing as a result of poor record keeping.

Humphrey Otalor, Marketing Communication Officer, Dizengoff Nigeria said that farming equipment is in sizes of affordability at every point.

Otalor said that commercial farmers and smallholder farmers alike were put in mind during the fabrication of farming machines.

“Dizengoff is affordable at every point and at whatever level a farmer finds himself or herself; we have the technology to meet the farmers’ needs.

“So, there is no excuse for any farmer to ignore the use of technology for maximum productivity and for the ultimate achievement of food security in Nigeria.

“For instance, we have tractors from 35 horse-powers to 750 horse-powers depending on what the farmer can afford,” he said.

Halina Apaila, country representative of Digital African Woman said that farmers needed to be trained on technological tools to improve ideas, seeds, marketing and to improve start-ups (for expansion).

Apaila posited that it is only when farmers embrace technology that they would be able to access international engagements and investments.

“Digital African Woman gives a platform for training with technological tools to improve ideas, seeds marketing, website developments and engagements for international investors,” she said.

Emmanuel Owolabi, Country Manager of Okapi Finance said that farmers should be open to embracing technologies which come freely.

“Okapi finance has a free platform for smallholder farmer who has phones in rural communities which brings technology to them at no cost.

“We are positioned to help farmers get technologies to them without a cost, so affordability is not even in the discussions; there are people who are ready to provide farmers with technologies at no cost.

“That is why we are here, the farmer does not need the internet to be on our platform, to request for maybe insurance for his farm or equipment for farming activities,” he said.


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