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Techpoint to teach over 2000 aspiring programmers

Techpoint to teach over 2000 aspiring programmers


Techpoint Build is an annual event, happening on the 26th of January 2019, hosted by Techpoint Africa, an intelligence company that provides data and latest update on technology and how it affects business, industry and culture in Nigeria and Africa.

In the last three years, Techpoint has chronicled startups in Nigeria — and beyond — and witnessed growth in the internet space. We recently conducted research and realized that the challenges faced by Nigerian startups are similar to their African counterparts.

“This informed TechPoint’s recent expansion into other African countries”, said the CEO, Adewale Yusuf, during a press conference to announce plans for next year’s event.

The next billion users, Yusuf said, are already changing the internet in three key ways: a mobile-only mindset, more interactive approach to computing, and more demand for localized content than ever before.

“To power the next billion users, we need startups that can come up with brilliant ideas to solve local problems. We also need finance, mentorship and market for these startups as well”, he added.

This is what Techpoint Build 2019 (West African edition) is planning to address by bringing everyone to the table. In January 2018, Techpoint Build maiden edition was hosted and it was a success with over 4000+ attendees.

The Editor-in-Chief at TechPoint, Muyiwa Matuluko, highlighted events taking place at Techpoint Build 2019:

Pitch storm

This is the core of Techpoint Build, where we put the spotlight on startups that can create value and solve problems for the next billion users.

Pitch Storm at Techpoint Build 2019 will bring together some of the best startups in West Africa in a pitch competition.

The competition culminates in a grand finale where 12 finalists battle for $10,000 in zero-equity prize money. While there will be only one winner, other finalists also get to pitch to a room full of potential local investors.

SMEs & Startup Clinic

In chronicling the growth of startups in West Africa, we realized a need to educate many new business owners on structure, business models and best practices.

Techpoint Build 2019 will connect participants with professionals who will provide free expert advice in legal matters, marketing, accounting and other areas of business.

Introducing developer’s clinic and Deal room

Africa is in dire need of excellent software developers to power the next billion users. A lot of youths in Africa are looking to jump start their software career but they don’t know how to. Developer Clinic will give more than 2000+ people the opportunity to write their first line of code in the simplest programming language.

Deal room, finalists at the main event will get to pitch their startups to a pool of investors from various sectors in a closed room. Startups and investors who interested in investment rounds can also do partake by picking the Exclusive Pass or VIP Pass.

Among other interesting events at Techpoint build is an exhibition for businesses and conferences moderated by successful business CEOs and industry experts.

Visit Techpoint.africa/build to find out more & to register.



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