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Renmoney Present Micro Business Loans For MSMEs

Renmoney Present Micro Business Loans For MSMEs


Renmoney, a leading fintech lending company in Nigeria, recently announced the launch of a new solution for self-employed individuals, businessmen and businesswomen.

The new product allows this market segment to access credit of up to N4 million either via Renmoney’s website, www.renmone.com, contact centre, agent network or branches.

Speaking at a press briefing, Mrs. Oluwatobi Boshoro, Renmoney’s CEO, said: “Since inception, Renmoney focused on the employed market and has learnt a lot from this segment and used this to refine their score cards and algorithms to ensure the company continues to make responsible lending decisions.”

Boshoro also said: “We’ve always been aware of the need to solve credit challenges for another equally important segment the self-employed, the businessman, the businesswoman.”

She added: “We have tested and iterated this product extensively for almost six months, reviewed over 30,000 applications and issued over 6,000 loans in the process.

“We’re convinced this product will go a long way in making financial inclusion meaningful for these micro business owners and impactfully contribute to Nigeria’s goal of a post-oil, diversified economy.”

Renmoney continues to be a key player in the fintech space, focused on solving complex credit challenges and driving impactful financial inclusion for individuals in Nigeria.



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