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EdTech sector to witness radical disruptions in 2020

EdTech sector to witness radical disruptions in 2020


As Nigeria is experiencing push towards the emergence of a digital economy,  Wowbii Interactive has said that 2020 will witness continued technology disruption in the enterprise space.

Wowbii says its mission is to transform the way Africa works and learn. Sharing the EdTech Outlook for 2020, Co-founder and CEO of the company, Mrs. Terae Onyeje, explained that the previous years have witnessed rising awareness, refocusing and deployment of EdTech solutions across the public and private institutions.

Onyeje said: “In Nigeria, we are seeing a more aggressive push towards the emergence of a digital economy, which will lift the impetus for educational institutions, enterprises, policy formulators, and decision-makers to explore technologies that will transform learning.

“Nigeria is not left out of the wave of digitisation sweeping across the global economy. The renaming of the Ministry of Communications to the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy is to underscore the strategic vision towards a knowledge-based economy.”

According to her, these initiatives will directly impact the EdTech sector and see policymakers and the whole ecosystem of gatekeepers radically refocus a range of technologies to support learning and teaching.

She described WOWBII Interactive as Africa’s first original equipment manufacturer, OEM of interactive flat panels (IFPD). She said it delivers application bundles on IFPDs in the enterprise and education to achieve end-to-end 21st-century communications solutions.

Onyeje explained: “To effectively deliver 21st-century learning, the interactive learning experience we offer must reach the schools in the lower-income bracket, where about 80 percent of Nigeria’s learners are. We are therefore really excited about our new solution that brings affordable interactivity to the classroom – reinforcing our success in offering open, futuristic technology that connects legacy learning technologies. We plan to announce the new addition to our stable of solutions this quarter.”

Onyeje adds that increased workplace mobility is leading to the redesign of today’s enterprise workspaces.



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