Home Business We are in Abuja to create equal and entrepreneurial opportunities for models-Shola Otis
We are in Abuja to create equal and entrepreneurial opportunities for models-Shola Otis

We are in Abuja to create equal and entrepreneurial opportunities for models-Shola Otis


Ms. Shola Otis is the Proprietress of the Style Model Management Academy domiciled at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In this exclusive interview with Chamber Telegraph’s LUBEM GENA, she sheds more light on the mission, vision, trainings and upcoming projects of the Institute in terms of the benefits it offers. Excerpts:


What informed the decision to set up a modelling academy and make it domicile in the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)?

It came to my attention that, all the times I have come to Abuja to organise a fashion show, the models do not always show that they know the intricacies of modelling. For me, this was a springboard to create equal opportunities to the girls in Abuja and it’s environs.


There must be a vision behind this mission. Kindly shed more light on this.

The vision is to create equal opportunity in terms of knowledge and best practices in the modelling business. We have created a platform for the models in and around Abuja and the north in general. There is a need to institutionalize a situation where there will be no difference in the technical know-how between model here and the ones from Lagos.

What result do you think the collaboration with the Business Entrepreneurial Skills and Technology (BEST) Centre of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) will produce?

The collaboration between ACCI’s BEST Centre and Style Model Management Academy will help us marry modelling skills and entrepreneurial skills together. This has already been manifested. Our models have been exposed to international events organised by the Chamber such as the African Gems Jewellery Exhibition Show (AGJES) where their performance were applauded by crowd.


How well is this initiative accepted by the generality of the people?


We are still at infancy in Abuja. But once people see the value we are bringing and actually embedding into the modelling industry, I am sure the awareness will increase amongst the populace. This will therefore create a significant impact on the targeted population.


How pocket-friendly are the trainings carried out by this institute?

Training of this nature normally comes with a cost attached to it, no matter how marginal. But bear in mind that knowledge generally is not cheap. However, at Style Model Management Academy, we have made it in such a way the you are getting two crucial components of career development for the price of one. When you pay for modelling classes, entrepreneurial skills are added unto it as a mark of deliberate attempt to build capacity in business development for you.


You are organising a training programme in Abuja on 24th-226 February, 2020. What is it targeted to achieve?

We found out that most models in and around Abuja are not seeing the opportunity that abounds in modelling. So most of them tend to view it as a past time. But we are in a hurry to change that perception. We are here in Abuja to stay. When the first set of our models graduate, we will change impressions about modelling and more interested persons in the industry will be paying to have proper grooming and training in modelling.

Our trainings cut across two major areas which I earlier mentioned and these are: grooming and entrepreneurship training. This upcoming training will not be an exception. We hereby use this opportunity to call on the general public to key into them. They can pick up the forms at Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry and enroll for the training.


Is your institute linked to any other elsewhere in the world?

It is a work in progress. We have arrays of collaboration and partnership. We are working on it. In the nearest future, institutes from around the world will come looking for us.


In the near future, let’s say, 5-10years, how are you working towards ensuring that this Institute becomes a household name?

We are working assiduously to ensure that the models we produce from this Academy strut runways of different fashion week’s across the world and tangible life transformations are witnessed. When that is achieved, we will be on every lips that wants proper grooming and seasoned professional training in modelling.


What message would you like to send to Nigerians so far as this institute is concerned?

We have modelling classes for children, pre-teens, teens, young adults and even adults. We call on the general public to reach out to us on our social media handles @stylemodelacademy across Instsgram, Facebook and Tweeter.


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