Home Business COVID-19: Nigeria needs $50 billion to survive an impending recession
COVID-19: Nigeria needs $50 billion to survive an impending recession

COVID-19: Nigeria needs $50 billion to survive an impending recession


When you are faced with health-related adversity such as COVID-19, you think of survival first before the economy. This at least is what any right-thinking government should do. But it appears after the calm then comes another storm.

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Zainab Mohammed has said that the government wants to raise N500 billion ($1.39 billion) Coronavirus fund to help support the country’s health care infrastructure. “This crisis intervention fund is to be utilised to upgrade healthcare facilities,” she said in a statement.

Unfortunately, this may not be enough to rescue the economy when the threat of the virus is eventually contained. It will take significantly more to calm the second storm.

Nigeria’s economic and political capital, Lagos and Abuja respectively have been in a lock down since last Monday night after the President Muhammadu Buhari led-government declared a 14-day stay at home order.

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Before then, most businesses had grounded operations to essential duties rolling out whatever business continuity plans they had in the cooler for years. The government now more than ever needs to implement its own business continuity plans and it could be very costly.

A recent report from the London Business School indicates countries hard hit by the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 virus may need as much as 15% of their Gross Domestic Product if they are to exit en impending recession as soon as possible and get their economy back in motion. According to the report “assume only a temporary drop in economic activities: 50% for a month and 25% in the two following months. Then, GDP drop of almost 10% of annual output” will be recorded by most countries.

The report also suggests that the longer the COVID-19 induced lock down, the more money governments will need to put aside if the economy is to heal faster. “Make the countries lock down longer and add the supply/demand downward spiral, then the actual costs (without policy interventions) could exceed 15% of GDP.”




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