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Reddington Hospital Says It’s Covid-19 Treatment Is Affordable

Reddington Hospital Says It’s Covid-19 Treatment Is Affordable


Armoured Shield Hospital has stated that it is the best choice for private and corporate patients for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Armoured shield, which is an arm of Reddington Hospital Group, became the first accredited private hospital to treat COVID-19 when it inaugurated a state-of-the-art Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) laboratory facility for COVID-19 testing treatment and management of the disease last week.

The Medical Director of Armoured Shield Medical Centre, Dr. Sola Oluwole, said their testing facilities is the best available in the country to treat and test for COVID-19, both in terms of efficiency and cost.

He stated this on Thursday when he appeared on the Morning Show, a breakfast programme on ARISE NEWS channel, a sister broadcast arm of THISDAY Newspapers.

Dr Oluwole said that the Centre has the testing facilities and those who suspect they have the virus may go to the centre and get tested.

He also stated that their facility is well suited to care for COVID-19 patients who have other medical needs.

“If the test return positive, there is no need to start looking for where to receive care. Other laboratories are available and they do a very good job but if you go to a laboratory and you test positive, you are now faced with where you get your care. So, because of that seamless integration of both testing and treatment, that gives some comfort to people who come to us” he said.

“If you test positive and you are home, we have an ambulance system that would come fetch you, take you to our facility if you need to be in an isolation centre and of course we have levels of care. The other thing that is also important to note is that COVID-19 is not the only disease people have. So, we provide all those other extras, meaning we are not treating for COVID-19 alone as we have an all-compassing treatment plan, ” Oluwole said.


During the inauguration of the centre, a week ago Dr Oluwole said the hospital’s PCR test, which is the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s recommended type of testing for COVID-19 due to its low error margin would ensure the delivery of results to clients within 24 hours while other PCR laboratories in Nigeria deliver results within two to five days.

He also said the facility was the only private hospital in Lagos accredited by the government both for testing and treatment of COVID-19 will be complemented by Reddington ZaineLab, a new molecular biology laboratory that has a class three biosecurity technology that promotes efficiency and the highest level of protection for laboratory staff and their environment.


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