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PETROAFRICA 2021: ACCI President Harps on Nigeria’s Role in African Trade

PETROAFRICA 2021: ACCI President Harps on Nigeria’s Role in African Trade


The President of Abuja Chamber id Commerce and Industry, Alhaji Al-Mujtaba Abubakar has reiterated the importance of Nigeria to a robust inter-African trade.

Speaking at an online press event organised by PETROAFRICA 2021, the new ACCI President said Nigeria as the biggest economy on the continent will continue to play significant role especially against the backdrop of African Continental Free Trade regime.

According to the ACCI Chief, Nigeria is not just a petrol dollar economy but an increasingly diversifying economy offering continental manufacturing and top notch financial services across Africa.

Al-Mujtaba who was represented at the occassion by the Executive Director of ACCI Trade Centre, Mr Jude Chime, reassured partners of the readiness of ACCI and her partners to make the PETROAFRICA 2021 a huge success.

The press conference for PETROAFRICA 2021 was held through the go to meeting tools on Tuesday, November 22, 2020 at 11.

Those that were present on the Tunisian side, the X Trade For Events team, certain members of the scientific committee as well as a number of local journalists. On the side of friendly countries, this press conference brought together partner members from friendly countries, as Nigeria, Senegal, Libya, Egypt, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, whether they are partners or journalists.

An agenda of the conference was communicated to those present and was followed with an opening presentation of the show with an overview of its components which was provided by Ms. Besma Hmaidi from Xtrade For Events specifying that the show, which will host an exhibition in an area of 5000 m², will include several components:

•The Exhibition which aims to bring together 300 exhibitors mainly from Maghreb countries, Nigeria, Egypt as well as ECOWAS countries.

•A forum for which the scientific committee is currently preparing.

•A B2B platform dedicated to identified and planned business meetings between those registered in this component to try to develop a partnership of different categories.

•A Hackathon aimed at startups and teams of developers, designers, designers and creators of tools enabling digitalization in the energy sector.

•An Africa open day intended to present the success stories of African start-ups especially and Senegal would be the guest.

Presentation was followed by an introduction to the scientific forum by Mr. Mohamed Ben Hadj Kacem from X Trade For Events who specified that the forum was being finalized and it is organized as a side event of the “PETROAFRICA2021” exhibition to allow African specialists to communicate with each other companies, experts, operators and scientists.

Mr Mohamed said that this forum would allow contacts as close and deep as possible to open horizons and create possibilities for future partnerships.

He also presented the scientific committee which includes members from various backgrounds in Tunisia with public (ETAP, STEG, STIR …) or private companies such as SMIP, as well as scientists (Technopoles de El Ghazela, Borj Cedria and Sfax) as well as representatives of friendly countries (Nigeria, Senegal, Libya….) with finally the partners in the organization of the scientific forum (Xtrade For Events and ATPG).

The scientific committee, which has already met twice on the web, has managed to develop a first draft of the program including communications relating to:
•Digitalisation importance,

•Cyber security,


•Energitic transition,

•Energy exploitation and environmental transformationt,

•The effect of climate change on photovoltaics,

•The use of unconventional energies,

•Regeneration of used oils.

Mrs. Coumbaly Diaw, the FAO representative in Senegal also gave a precise idea of the Senegal commitment or role in this fair, highlighting all its components (exhibition, B2B, scientific forum and especially the open day where Senegal intends to honor its guest status.

She emphasized the efforts made by the Senegal part (herself and Mr Victor Agnabo Bassene) to support the efforts of the organizers and make this African fair a success so that her country can be ascribed to be at the centre of all initiatives aimed at integrating the co-development efforts of African countries.

Mr Jude Chime from ACCI/ATC and AFREXPO, said the Nigerian team is already raising awareness about the event and leading a strong delegation of stakeholders in the oil and gas industry to Tunisia.

He also highlighted the importance and key role Nigeria plays in the Oil, Gas and energy Industry, stating that the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry will play a huge role in ensuring that this kind of partnership is further strengthened for the utilisation of the maximum potential of the industry.

Mr Khaled Othmen, president of Libyan oil & gas council & renewvalbe energy explained that the role of such events is to build future partnership & business. Mr Khaled insisted on the presence of Libyan specialist companies & Libyan corporation companies who served as a base to develop the sector.

Those present include Mr Ali GAYA, Mr Olawale Rasheed , Mr Jude Chime , Mrs Safa Heggy , Mr Sonia Lakhal, Mr Victor Agnabo Bassene, Mr Waleed Azab, Mr Willyam Mihindou, Mr Naoufel Khabthani , Mrs Diaw Coumbaly , Mr Jean Célestin Edjangue, Mrs Besma Hmaidi , Mrs Ahlem Boulaares , Mr Mohamed Aloi Ouertani ,Mr Mohamed Ben Hadj Kacem , Mr Mongi Besbes , MRS Ines Ben chikh and others.


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