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AFSIA Africa Solar Outlook 2021 now available

AFSIA Africa Solar Outlook 2021 now available


AFSIA has launched its first annual Africa Solar Outlook report to help solar professionals keep track and better navigate the fast-evolving solar environment across the continent.

This report is a country-by-country review of the key drivers for successful solar development. It aims at being the solar decision-maker companion by providing clear and concise information about the solar dynamics in each country. 

On top of the country vignettes, the report also goes deeper into some of the main segments  which compose the solar industry: large-scale projects, C&I (commercial and industrial, often referred to “auto-consommation” in french), MGs (mini-grids) and SHS (Solar Home Systems).

The solar industry in Africa is truly booming thanks to new and more flexible technologies brought to market, but also thanks to drastic cost reductions of both solar panels and storage solutions. These new and improved technologies now make it possible to enjoy electricity reliably and affordably where it previously simply was not possible. And solar also offers a significant improvement in locations where the grid is present but is erratic or too expensive. 

John van Zuylen, CEO of AFSIA, comments “We are entering a decade of wonderful prospects for solar in Africa, a decade in which solar professionals are in a position to achieve universal electrification targets across the continent, thereby impacting the living conditions of 600 million people, and boost the continental economy by providing better and cheaper electricity to the companies and industries that have been asking for it for so long. This decade has already started and it promises to be a wonderful journey for the African solar industry. 

Solar is no longer the energy of tomorrow, it is the energy of today!”


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