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The Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday Signed an MOU with Strengths Africa on Capacity Building, Business Development and Economic Empowerment.

The Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday Signed an MOU with Strengths Africa on Capacity Building, Business Development and Economic Empowerment.


The Director General, of the Chamber, Ms. Victoria Akai during the signing ceremony stated that the ACCI is in the business of promoting economic and industrial development within the FCT in particular and Nigeria in general, and that she looks forward to the partnership with Strength Africa.

Mr. Taiwo Adepoju, Managing Strengths Africa Limited. said it’s an auspicious moment for his company. Strength Africa is focused on building businesses, we do a bit of strategy. It was part of our strategy, research, you know analysis that brought us into a relationship like this, where we looked at the latent potentials in a potential commerce centre, and we’re like, this is like a goldmine.

Now, take it to the next level is to the extent that it must be beneficial to all members, all right for the good and the groups. Beyond that, can we also ensure that the world knows about the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry and etc what they have been is not known that this is an epicentre of business, indeed, in Africa Okay. And can we also use some of the experience exposure that educational calendar button to add value, because you believe that when two good adds.

One of the first quick wins will be purely business clinic meetings, visibility for members. So, with our team, we’re going to be doing an outreach with the entire team working round the clock.

We will do a periodic review of activity, quarterly, and I will defer the rest of what we’re doing, we’re able to take this even further. So, let me leave that as it is. The agreement is well, explicit capture some of the things and many other things that we’re going to do.

Essentially, what we’re here to do is beyond the signing of agreements. One is a synergy between strength, African people, and business support company geared towards helping people in developing and supporting businesses are we talking about commerce and industry is the centre of commerce as it were, serves as that point where if we get it right, becomes a one stop shop to service all businesses in Abuja.

Now, the synergy of two minds to, which is like 10,000 And that’s what we thought about saying, can we start to look at how you can deepen this relationship to help build growth for businesses owned by the people in the membership.

Let’s get people to know, because as we get more people to know what’s going on, then that will culminate into more recognition and influence for members over funding opportunities and so many other questions. So that captures in brief what this partnership level where it extends beyond.

As we go is almost like what if we see a stone would have to move. If we say a rock, you have to cross. If we need to fly. And I hope that this will become one of those, you know, test case testimonial of what we can achieve together. Thank you so much.

Chairman of the ATC   Dr. Johnson Anene thanked the DG, and the delegation from the strength Africa for coming. He said the partnership is going to be a win win situation for both parties, so we’re very happy to have you and listening to you we have no doubt that we will add value to what we are doing here.

The chamber has the capacity to reach out beyond. Put that the Abuja Chamber of Commerce is the only national chamber. City Chamber, and by virtue of our location we have advantage. We’re also the International Chamber, just like you know that the Federal Capital Territory is the is the capital of the country, so it needs a chamber that is not servicing just the FCT, but the entire nation. And also, the fact that we now enjoy a great a chamber status will add a lot of value to what you are doing. But having said that, there is no limit to what you can achieve. And even if you are just like in the Olympics. Even if you are leading. You will need to continue to put in more effort to maintain your lead if not some other person will overtake you, and leave in if you are leading, you still need to work harder to continually increase and improve record that previous record and that is what we are doing at the chamber.

We are never resting; we pride ourselves with the progress we’ve made so far. But that is an encouragement for us to even walk, because we have seen that good efforts, we produce good results. So, we are now, encouraged to work even harder knowing that our efforts in the right direction therefore it will add to the benefits of both the membership, and the economic growth of the country. So, we are very happy to receive you and to accept your offer to join us in this weather in an effort to grow both the economic interests of our members and bring about economic growth, to initialism very happy, and we’re ready to sign this demo with you today, and establish this a long journey. That is where we’re always receiving people that share the same vision and the same ideals, with us, and I think you are one of such people.


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