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Reflections From the Days in the Cave of Adulam – Daniel Centre at 19 By Adedayo Adesugba Pastor and Founder Daniel Centre

Reflections From the Days in the Cave of Adulam – Daniel Centre at 19 By Adedayo Adesugba Pastor and Founder Daniel Centre


Exactly 19 Years ago the Lord spoke clearly and emphatically. Go and start the work. I remember very vividly, just like an event that took place a minute ago; I was to begin by His word, but there was the need to be released from the commitment of service at Glory Christian Ministries. This too He guided and like a pawn in His hands, my former Pastor and Mentor did the needful on Wednesday 4th of April, 2002, the release was effected and the work commenced on Sunday, 7th 2002.

We started as an Apostolic Community. I invited Pastor Paul Oluseyi Ogedengbe, the Senior Elder of The Lord Reigns Ministry and the Coordinator of Congress WBN in West Africa, to come and inaugurate the ministry.

My brothers and friends who have stood by my Wife, Bolanle and I, Pastors Mike Ogedengbe and Faith Praiz were there.
Today, 19 years after, they’re still here. Glory!

We named where we started, an uncompleted building giving to us by my brother, Prof. Soji Adesugba our Cave of Adulam. It reminded us of when King David was hiding away in the Caves of Adulam. They were tough days, designed by the Lord to strengthen us.

Subsequently we’ve moved to 3 other locations in Surulere and a time of worship at the GRA to spend some time at Tehila Bethesda, our Sister Kehinde Kamson’s home based ministry.

The doctrine which we received was strange back then, but by God’s guidance through several nightly visions and a year’s tutelage at the Apostolic Bible School set up in Lagos by World Breakthrough Network, WBN in those days, we knew this is the truth and accurate doctrinal position in God, we stuck with it.
Despite the rejection from many, we stuck with it still. Despite it’s unpopularity and inability to attract the multitude, we stuck with it. “No one having drunk old wine, immediately says the new is better.”

Today, we’re grateful to the Almighty God, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and to Dr. Noel Woodroffe which the Lord sent to mentor us in ministry in 19 years of Daniel Centre and the last 20 Years of Apostolic grace for showing us the worn pathway of life to tread on.

In these years, the declaration of a disintegrating earth has gradually unfolded. With the recent Corona virus crisis, and the distabilization of normalcy on the earth, it becomes very obvious that humans cannot proffer solutions to myriads of problems confronting them on a daily bases.

Right from the early days of the Apostolic, the doctrinal icon Noah had taught us to build for the future. This technology is again unfolding in the introduction of the KCA (Kingdom Community Architecture) into the Daniel Centre. We see in this structure a tried and tested system that allows the life of God to flow freely unhindered in our midst. We also capture the sight of an Ark built to float and weather the storm on the day when “rain shall fall” just like in the days of Noah, shall the days of the Son of Man Be. We know what it was like in the days of Noah. Noah was mocked and berated for building a strange structure. We’ve been berated and mocked for building differently, despite our building by divine guidance, evidenced by biblical accuracy. Now the rains have started and the storms have come, certainly, the Ark shall float.

In the coming days, we will be responsible to maintain the physical edifice, making it a befitting Centre for us and our immediate constituency to utilize. Many waters have passed under the bridge. We’ve all advanced in years. Children have come, and more are still coming. We continue to experience organic growth, while preparing a place for the ingathering in this day of harvest.

I salute you all for keeping the faith over the years. Like we rightly know, having faith pleases the Lord, while faith cannot be divorced from faithfulness, let us all stay faithful, firstly to the Lord, to ourselves, our families and to the ministry.

Note, we’re admonished not to be weary in well doing. “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.
Galatians 6:9 NLT” This will be our mainstay as the days unfold. Keep on keeping on and may the Lord of our Congress continue to bless us, in Jesus Almighty name.

Happy 19th Anniversary!


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