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Eurobonds in Nigeria: What they are and how to invest in them

Going by the over subscriptions that followed each of the eurobonds issued in Nigeria by both the Federal Government and corporate organisations, one may not be wrong to say that eurobonds seem to have become a household name and a darling of bond investors in Nigeria and those that want to take advantage of the […]

Educating a New Generation of Practitioners

By Chidimma Onyiaorah One of the most overlooked areas, which must be addressed, as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) evolves, is the importance of educating and empowering a new generation of emerging practitioners. Some universities and institutions currently offer post graduate degrees and diplomas for students interested in ADR.   However, if the focus is solely […]


By Agatha O. Edelegba As we all know, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) remains the fastest and cheapest mechanism for conflict resolution when disputes arise in any business relationship. Ordinarily, Small businesses contribute to the economy of any country by bringing growth and innovation to the communities where the businesses are situated. It also means that […]


By Aisha Ado Abdullahi Preventive diplomacy may be described as action taken to prevent disputes from arising between parties or to prevent disputes from escalating into conflicts and also measures taken to limit the spread of the conflict when it arises. The actions or measures referred to here may take the form of; confidence building, […]

The legal framework of arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards in Nigeria

By Amina N. Nwabuezeh  WHAT IS ARBITRATION? Arbitration as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a settlement technique in which a third neutral party or parties also called “arbiters” review the case of disputants and decides on the basis of their claims. Also, Arbitration has been aptly defined as a mechanism for the resolution […]

How small holder farmers are contributing to food security

Yusuf Sherifat Small holder farmer in Nigeria strive to ensure food security. They are not just owners of small-based plots of land, but they are also those with little number of workers and small capital investment. More than 80 percent of farmers in Nigeria are small holder farmers. By international standard, a farm that is […]

10 issues that will shape Africa in 2019

African Energy Chamber has released 10 developments that will shape Africa’s energy sector in 2019, a year that will be key for the advancement of new exploration and production development projects from West to East Africa After a year of rebound and recovery, Africa’s old and new hydrocarbons markets have an opportunity to further entrench […]

President Joao Lourenço: businesses, arms deals and old ghosts

By Miguel Sanz When President João Lourenço attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Swiss town of Davos last January, he suggested that the winds of change were blowing in Angola. His message to investors was clear: the economic outlook looks bleak, but Angola’s poor record with corruption, its over-reliance on oil and mismanagement […]

Why Nigeria, India must sustain economic and technical ties

Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, CON., SAN  India and Nigeria enjoy warm, friendly and deep-rooted bilateral relations. India established its Diplomatic House in Lagos, Nigeria in November 1958 even before our independence in 1960. Both countries were in the forefront of international anti-colonial, nonaligned and later anti-apartheid struggles. Close collaboration on diverse global issues in international fora […]

Identify your opportunities, and do not let the unicorn go!

By Prof. Adesoji Adesugba, DBA I have always pondered at the word “opportunity” and how it affects our lives. The oxforddictionaries.com defines the noun “opportunity” as “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something” To have a greater understanding of the word “opportunity”, I decided to check the synonyms, and […]

Branding the merged biggest bank in Africa

This is Chidi Nwakanma’s post with regards the scheme of arrangement of Access Bank and Diamond Bank unlocked some insights.    The merger of Diamond and Access banks should interest all of us. Before our very eyes, they are creating a bank that would be Africa’s biggest. Would it boost financial services, create a new banking […]

The shameful, agonising state of Apapa seaport and the business community

BBy Anayo M. Nwosu A tuberculosis patient was once asked how he was faring and he answered that he did not know. But when pushed to further explain his condition, he said that “today is worse than yesterday”. That, I suppose, captures the feelings of the inhabitants of Apapa, its environs and all those whose […]

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